Spring is a colorful season; spring is October 11, 2018 9:14 PM

By : ylq

Spring is a colorful season; spring is a season of recovery of all things; spring is a season of infinite imagination. Spring, although not as hot as summer, is not as fruity as autumn, not as silver as winter, but the graceful spring has her beauty.Beauty of the wind the side of the stream, the wind blew the long hair of the willow tree. The tiny willows then danced with the wind Cigarettes Cheaper. The wind is blowing more and more, and the willow tree is also stretching the waist in the wind, showing its own style. The wind slammed the leaves and made a "song" song Marlboro Red. A leaf touched another leaf and played a beautiful symphony. This beautiful picture-like scene is reflected in the creek, the symphony and the moving dance, it is beautiful.Flower beautyIn the flowers, all kinds of flowers compete with each other: peony, azalea, morning glory, rose flowers, chrysanthemums... there are countless, even some unknown small wildflowers have joined this rank. Red, yellow, purple, blue... everything, the larger peony flowers are charming and charming; the smaller azaleas are also small and exquisite Carton Of Cigarettes. This colorful flower world naturally attracts a lot of little bees. They look for the flowers that bloom vigorously, so that all kinds of flowers can show their own beauty, so that the bees can come to pick their own pollen. This is how colorful and colorful the world of flowers is!Beauty of the rainDrips and Answers" The drizzle of dripping rain fell from the sky. The raindrops drip on the willows by the creek How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, making the branches and leaves of the willows more delicate and tender; the raindrops drip on the trees, the leaves set off with crystal clear water droplets, and the green leaves of the leaves; Dropped in the creek, there was a wave of ripples. The drizzle moistened the land, moistened the green grass, and moistened the willow tree, making the world alive again.The beauty of the wind, the beauty of the flowers, the beauty of the rain, these are the beauty of spring. The beautiful spring makes the world radiant, making the world full of green, full of anger, and making everything colorful. I love you, the beauty of spring! Hello, everyone, I am Xu Wei from the sixth (1) class. The topic I am addressing for everyone is "Step into the new semester, safety is the first", I hope everyone can like it!Classmates, when we step into the new school year and step into the new semester, do you feel that the surroundings are changing quietly! The young students who just entered the school no longer have slides. There are no more Trojans. Some are shiny blackboards and gradually heightened tables and chairs. Although they are very hard, they can learn a lot of knowledge. It is really bitter and sweet. In this difficult six years, we have learned a lot of knowledge and learned a lot of truths. In the six years of this promising future and the future, everyone's future is in their own hands. The future may be a world of difference, or it may be a difference. What have you got in this precious six years? Someone got a full-fledged economy Parliament Cigarettes, someone got the scar left by accidentally falling, and someone got a broken bone because of the playful swing. In general, the health of the body is the most important, and the fame and status are all over the place. Therefore, campus safety cannot be underestimated. We must always pay attention to safety.Below, I will tell you a few campus safety rules:harpen the pencil or pen when you are not using it. Do not cut the pencil at both ends to prevent it from being caught in the eyes when writing.o not wear hairpins and hairpins while running, and do not wear sharp objects such as pencils, triangles, compasses, keys, etc. in the pockets to pre

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