Whenever I see the rising fiv October 11, 2018 9:14 PM

By : ylq

Whenever I see the rising five-star red flag and the bright red scarf, I can't help but think of the scene of the revolutionary martyrs fighting the enemy's blood on the battlefield.ow, we can play without worry, can learn in the campus of the book, and can be protected by the law... This is the happiness and tranquility exchanged by the revolutionary soldiers with blood.The outstanding son of the Chinese people, Dong Cunrui, has given a young life to the revolutionary cause; Huang Jiguang Marlboro Lights, an outstanding representative of the Chinese People��s Volunteers, used his own chest to block the enemy��s mouth in the Battle of Shangganling, and opened up his troops with his precious life Online Cigarettes. The road; Yang Kaihui is a lover of Chairman Mao. He was unfortunately arrested and imprisoned in a battle Cheap Cigarettes. He was tortured in prison, but she did not shake the confidence in the revolution. At the age of 29, she was brave and righteous... these are The revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed in the motherland will always be remembered in our hearts.elping others is a word that people often hang on their lips Marlboro Cigarettes, but how many people are really willing to do it? What is Lu Xun��s sentence saying, ��When the eyebrows are cold and the fingers are pointed Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the heads are bowed to the scorpion cows��? It is to never give in to the enemy, and to obey the people like the cow. There is also Lei Feng, which everyone knows. He serves the people wholeheartedly and helps countless people in his short life.ur country has so many models worth learning. I think that when you grow up, you must be a volunteer and serve the people like them. Go to the army and defend our country with all your heart and soul. I believe that our country will be more prosperous. 

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