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This is a collection of Gui Wenya's essays, which have only one eternal word - beauty, beauty is her purpose. Wenya was a squad leader when he was a child, but because of his poor grades and fear of losing his face to the class, he gave this position to others. It is good to have self-awareness, because it avoids unnecessary trouble.ough her grades are not good, I have learned a lot from her. For example, from other people's bodies, we can also discover beauty, behave in a down-to-earth manner, discover the sufferings and help of others, find mistakes and correct them in time, and be helpful. Be good at observing... She also made me wake up: others have talents, should not go to jealousy, but give others a space for development, better use their talent value Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, give others a chance, and give themselves a chance.s so moved, and I was deeply impressed by the "teacher's little babe", which wrote that the teacher gave birth to a child. The author decided to take his half-year pocket money to buy two cans of kunning milk powder for the teacher. Children drink. However, the author went to the teacher's house and found that the teacher had already had ten boxes of milk powder. The author had to go back with the milk powder. My feeling is: Although the teacher does not want her milk powder, I believe that the author's mind teacher must have received it. The good quality of the author and the good quality of people think of me, it is worth learning.ok is beautiful in language, and the things are very real. The author describes everything in life, letting this book adorned with your heart! In the past few days, Teacher Yan led us to study the text "Zhan Tianyou". The image of Zhan Tianyou left an indelible impression on me.lesson mainly talked about Zhan Tianyou's heavy pressure to accept the task of building the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway. During the construction process, Zhan Tianyou encountered many difficulties, but he did not fear the difficulties and obstacles, overcome various difficulties, and finally built it. The Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway. When surveying the route, he personally presided over the measurement; when he dug the Juyongguan tunnel, he used the method of cutting both ends into the middle at the same time; when he built the Badaling tunnel, he adopted the method of cutting in the middle; in Qinglongqiao, he adopted the "man "Glyph construction Buy Discount Cigarettes. In the end, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway was completed in less than four that Zhan Tianyou was meticulous in his work and had no difficulty in retreating from difficulties Buy Wholesale Cigarettes, I couldn��t help but think of one of the fourth grades. It was in the busy season of autumn, and I took my father and mother to go to the field to apply fertilizer. Dad handed me a task: to spread fertilizer in the little pit dug out by my father. I promised it. However, it is easier said than done. In a short while, my forehead and limbs were scratched by wheat ears, and it felt itchy and painful. I want to give up, but I think that Zhan Tianyou has overcome many difficulties in building the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. I secretly made up my mind that I must stick to it! I endured soreness and itching and kept on doing it Newport Regular Cigarettes.d and mother praised me as a good boy. I felt very happy inside. I made up my mind: I must learn from Master Zhan Tianyou, and become a leader in building the motherland when I grow up. 

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