I'm going to get married to a woman from the O'Connor Clan October 06, 2013 3:14 AM

By : garry

Her Father's name is Cahal, an employee from a welding factory, their family stayed at Brownhills in West Midlands of England as where she grew up. It would be an idea to put her name into classified but if anyone who knew their family in Brownhills, they could easily get in touch with them, and ask the family of who is going to get married to a man named: Garry Guitguiten-------i am incouraging anyone in the clan to make contacts with me as soon as they would confirm that the woman is my bride-to-be........we are hoping and i am hoping most that i could be supported morally by the clan even if the family name of my bride will use my family name as soon as she will be married to me----i am welcoming suggestions right now----

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