The Garry Guitguiten Statement as 1045hrs,October 09,2013 October 08, 2013 10:49 PM

By : garry

----even if it is sad that my intentions and plans might be a little bit apart from the realities that exists in the clan---it would be hard for myself to push anyone in the clan---as long as i am already  there---in each and every O'Connor in these Clan gathering---i would like to be as just be fair to the Clan that i am just true to myself----without any doubts or fears in me---as i had already fullfill much of my previous intentions----i grew up somewhere in this planet and i studied much studies and of course--sometimes---it would be like---nothing --when no one inherit your skills or maybe---some of our achievements---raising a family---would be part of our family orientations----but there are new orientations in the new world--but--i am always seeking the best from the past ----as i was been influence by my family to value more life than fame and fortune----what is money when you get enough for yourself---it would exist when pride matters that hinders and challenge your ego-----


i use to do things that would be an extraordinary idea---but in the end---i am always thinking of--that i would soon  die and disappear in this very world---i am glad that i have the chance to state ideas to this idea---the O'Connor clan----where i could state that---i do matter most the value of life than the value of fame and fortune---fame and fortune in my own perception would be like my tool to prove my skills as a human being---but in the end ---of understanding beyond the limits of human life---i would say that---i am starting to plan the most difficult idea that i would go through---the plans on how to create my successors---which would be my heirs----the future people who would inherit my philosophies in life----

Re: The Garry Guitguiten Statement as 1045hrs,October 09,2013 October 12, 2013 11:04 PM

By : garry

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