to: February 13, 2014 1:46 AM

By : garry

-----i think i am into a wrong forum statement----you help me out eliminate these words-----i am doing-----how could we talk-----i just want to erase my name -----i am into this forum------maybe,i commited a mistake and no one had ever help me inform that i am wrong at that time-------but, if those words can't prove for myself----it defines---it is not true-----how could i prove that---anyway,just in case,i hope---this matter i am into this forum would not put me to harm-----nice dealing with you people----we have to move on---as sometimes things we want---are not totally meant for us----so let destiny prevails---i am on other way---i used to be with---and that is my accomplishments----i hope my future kids would not be harm---if i am just to be good to someone i had expected to----i dont want playing games as of these times---i am not like you do----i grow up on the other side of life----we all got simple plans---but when i found out that i am just standing somewhere else---expected to be fetch up----but nobody came----so what's the use of waiting too long for nothing---i have to find my way out-----this is no more a mankind aspect---


i hope we could move on----and think of ourself---if we lose the chance to have that somebody---maybe,somebody had failed someone----i hope i am appreciated by my courage to deal these things----so what--if nothing happens------i believe i just get wrong and no one dares to inform me that i am wrong----i hope-----you people in this clan-----input these ideas i am into that----there is no use of being afraid to face the truth.


thanks for your accomodation.

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