Roof steel sheet construction precautions1. Aft February 11, 2019 6:14 PM

By : juniper

Roof steel sheet construction precautions 1. After the cheap color corrugated steel sheet in stock is grouted, it is forbidden to use the person and increase any load within two days under normal temperature conditions. 2. The stacking members on the roof panel should be placed in the support position. If they are stacked on other parts of the roof panel, temporary support should be added under the roof panel. 3. When linoleum is laid on the aerated concrete roof slab, the base layer should be required to be dry. When the humidity is too high, it should not be laid. Temporary rain protection measures should be taken during rainy season construction. 4. Due to the construction needs, when walking on the roof and strolling, support should be made under the roof panel, or ��horse road�� can be laid on the roof. 5. During the construction, the plate shall not be sawed arbitrarily. It is not allowed to use the saw with short saws. The longitudinal saw and the hole shall be strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations.

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