Factors That Affect Gloss of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil May 22, 2019 3:29 AM

By : juniper

The quality of prepainted galvanized steel coil in stock not only has a great relationship with the raw material base roll, but the production process also plays a crucial role in the quality of finished products, the gloss of color galvanized steel coils is deeply affected by the baking process and other factors.

Although the surface gloss of prepainted galvanized steel coil mainly depends on the coating itself, the baking process, the use of paint viscosity, film thickness and base roll roughness is also the main factor that determines the coating surface gloss.

The test results show that PMT is negatively correlated with the glossiness of the coating. The higher the temperature is, the lower the glossiness is. However, the baking parameters have less influence on the glossiness of the coating.

In order to control the harm to the environment caused by the volatile solvent gas in the curing process of coating, the exhaust gas discharged from the baking oven is introduced into the combustion in the incinerator and converted into harmless water and carbon dioxide. The heat released from the combustion is used to heat the fresh air. The harmful substance content of the exhaust gas discharged into the atmosphere is less than 5 10-5.

The glossiness of prepainted galvanized steel coil is one of the important factors to inspect the product quality, and it will also affect the appearance of the product to a certain extent, so in the production process must grasp the control of each link to it.

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