Mini corn harvester Product Feature May 23, 2019 5:26 AM

By : huimin

Factory supply and widely used Agricultural walking tractor driven mini corn harvester by AIKE is a kind of ideal corn harvester for farmers. It has the advantages of small overall, easy operation, compact structure, low failure rate, low consumption, and high efficiency. It consists of a reel device, picker, straw chopping device, conveys system, crop hopper, and hydraulic lift system. mini corn harvester Product Feature 1: small size, adaptability, widely used in hills and mountains and other large corn harvesters cannot pass the sporadic block 2: full-featured, picking crushed straw crushed into the field, etc., and almost the same function and large corn harvester. 3: matching power, machine delivery. 4: easy to install and disassemble, really a far more use. 5:Farming machine potato digger cropper mounted agriculture tractor driven mini corn harvester flexible operation, cutting crop height can be adjusted, turning radius is small

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