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How To Get Rid Of Folliculitis 聳 Have A Better Skin Health Articles | April 20 [url=]Authentic Dru Samia Jersey[/url] , 2012

Folliculitis is not a very serious skin condition however it can still bring discomfort to people. The condition is normally caused by bacteria therefore it can be treated with anti-bacterial creams and soaps. Natural treatments with the use of essential oils and herbs can also be done.聽

Folliculitis is the red bump on the skin where the hair follicles usually grow. They can appear anywhere in the body but they often develop on the neck and the armpits. It does not pose any danger to the health however it is a very uncomfortable and unsightly skin condition. It can also cause itchiness and may resemble acne.聽
There are many things that can cause folliculitis. The most common is the damage of the hair follicles. Hair follicles are usually sensitive and they can be damaged through bites from insects such as ants and mosquitoes. Some actions such as shaving and brushing can also damage the hair follicles on the skin. When this happens, the bacteria and fungi can easily affect the damaged area and cause redness and bumps.聽
There are different treatments that can be done by a person who is experiencing folliculitis. Here are some of the treatments that involve essential oil and other natural treatments.聽
One of the most commonly known essential oil treatment for folliculitis is the Ylang-Ylang flower extract. It is famous for its antiseptic properties which help the skin recover from damage and breakage. It can be used topically if mixed with an oil base or it can also be used in the tub when taking a bath.聽
Lavender is also believed to cure folliculitis because of its antibacterial properties. The condition is normally caused by bacterial infections therefore getting rid of the bacteria through lavender oil can solve the problem. A few drops can either be mixed with the water for bathing or mixed with the water for the cold compress.聽
The herb called Echinacea is also helpful for skin conditions according to studies. This is because the herb has antibiotic properties that can help in killing bacteria. It can be taken internally by boiling the roots or the leaves and drinking the water used for boiling. It can also be used externally by mixing the extract with oil before applying the mixture to the affected areas.聽
Most bacteria do not like acidic environment therefore experts believe that vinegar will also be a great cure for folliculitis. You can either used white vinegar or diluted apple cider vinegar. However, if you decide on using this particular treatment [url=]Authentic Alexander Mattison Jersey[/url] , you should be ready in facing some burning sensations on the skin. Do not worry though because this is just a sign that the vinegar is killing the bacteria.聽
If you do not have the essential oils and herbs mentioned above but you are also hesitant in using vinegar, then your next resort is to use anti-bacterial products. There are a lot of anti-bacterial products in the market today that can help in treating folliculitis. Some of these products may come in cream form or tablet form. You need to consult your doctor first though to make sure that the medications are suited for you. If you do not like medications, you can just buy anti-bacterial soaps such as sulfur soap or other anti-fungal soaps. If you want [url=]Authentic Irv Smith Jr. Jersey[/url] , you can consult a dermatologist as well to get proper advice.聽

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