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BERLIN, July 26 (Xinhua) -- A gunman killed himself after shooting a doctor at a clinic in Berlin on Tuesday, local police said.


The attack happened at around 13:00 local time. The doctor was seriously wounded, and under intensive care, a police spokesman told Xinhua, adding that the gunman was a patient of the clinic in southwestern Berlin.


Further details remained unclear.


How to Plan Your Window Replacement Project. If you want to reduce your fuel bills and also make your home look great [url=]T.J. Hockenson Youth Jersey[/url] , window replacement may be the next step for you. Replacing your windows is a great idea if you want to increase the market value of your home, lower your energy costs or feel cozier in the cold months. Replacement windows also adds a new sparkle to your home, which you’ll notice every time you look out one of your new windows! Below are some of the main considerations to remember before embarking on your replacement window project.


If this project is going to be large and long in duration, you need to consider what month of the year that you begin to do the work. Many people will start once spring has arrived [url=]Barry Sanders Womens Jersey[/url] , leading into summer, so that they have clear and warm days to work. To prevent having rain come into your home while your windows are being replaced, it is a good idea to choose these months of the year. If you live in a climate zone or a latitude that provides year-round good weather, you won’t have to worry about this issue before starting. When you pick your windows [url=]A'Shawn Robinson Womens Jersey[/url] , consider your personal tastes as well as factors such as energy efficiency. Windows aren’t only for insulation, they should be considered as decorative as well, so consider how they’ll go with the rest of your home and accessories. If you have an older home, you’ll probably want to go with a traditional or antique style with windows. If your home is contemporary [url=]Jalen Reeves-Maybin Womens Jersey[/url] , though, you’d obviously be better off with modern style windows. This issue goes beyond your own satisfaction at looking at the windows, but will also have an impact on your home’s value.


When choosing windows, many people think about appearance [url=]Teez Tabor Womens Jersey[/url] , energy efficiency and cost but forget about another factor -security. This is an especially important consideration if you live in an area that has a high crime rate and if you have small children at home. Make sure you check on how well the locks operate before you purchase any window. As with anything else, there are always a variety of choices, especially with locks on their level of security. The reason you want to focus upon the quality of the locks is that most burglars hate to break glass because it draws attention to them.


Replacing the windows in your home with high quality, energy-efficient windows will improve the looks [url=]Da'Shawn Hand Womens Jersey[/url] , improve the temperature comfort level, and also increase the value of the property. With the importance of replacing the windows of your house, you definitely want to have the right windows, as well as the right installer. Replacing windows is not some small job that is easy to do [url=]Tracy Walker Womens Jersey[/url] , so you probably be better off hiring a professional, even if you feel that you are qualified.


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A point of sale (POS) application works compliant with a certain operating system (OS) that is matching to it. Inappropriateness between POS software and an OS will lead to failure to operate the program. This fundamental principle has resulted in the manufacture of different POS packages that operate using major operating systems available. And among the most reliable, stable, as well as better functioning OS used to run POS solutions is Mac.


Mac is lauded for numerous features not found in other operating systems. It is safe for POS applications to work on Mac due to its high resistance to bugs and breakdowns. This operating system can resist said malware that may damage information and the accuracy of computations and analyses done by the program. The danger is thus reduced to the advantage of any business [url=]Graham Glasgow Womens Jersey[/url] , bringing about increased earnings and minimized losses.


Nonetheless, not every POS programs work with Mac. Thus, going for a Mac-based POS program can sometimes be hard. There are things that need to be taken into account and a large number of them are pointing to the software manufacturer and distributor. For instance, there are only a small number of firms that create and distribute industry-specific Mac-based programs. It is essential that the application serves the requirements of a particular company with the available OS. Otherwise [url=]Michael Roberts Womens Jersey[/url] , the operation fails.


POS for Mac can be challenging to manage and monitor. The best application may not come from a well-known business, but at least the distributor utilizes a powerful support system. Not only should the distributor help its clients in the course of installation and upkeep, but it must likewise give the correct coaching to the teams expected to work on it. Regardless of how simple the functions are, proper training will minimize the need for expensive technical assistance.


Those manufacturers trying to find Mac POS are identified by the tier to which their firms belong. A tier indicates the number of workers and annual income a business has. The types and functionalities of POS are also grouped into these tiers. As an example [url=]Kenny Golladay Womens Jersey[/url] , those businesses that have around 100 employees and make as much as $50 million annually go to lower sector tier and can utilize a smaller and less intricate POS software.


Enterprises that generate over $250 million per year are found on the top tiers and are required to utilize special POS Mac can offer. Ahead of getting an application on this tier, a business proprietor needs to be sure that more than 70% of the consumers are likewise under a similar tier.




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