Cotton Nylon Fabric Has High Added Value March 17, 2020 2:48 AM

By : xi

The flame retardant used in the newly developed cotton nylon fabric is a durable post-finishing flame retardant for cotton fibers and their blended fabrics. Its main feature is that permanent cross-linking is formed inside the fabric after production and finishing with this flame retardant, thus making it have durable flame retardant performance and washable for more than 50 times. The flame retardant fabric can not only effectively prevent flame spread, but also maintain the original properties of the fabric. Satin metal wire polyester cotton cloth integrates the respective advantages of polyester, cotton and metal wire yarns. Cotton nylon fabric is dyed with environment-friendly dyes. While maintaining comfort and stiffness, the fabric also has certain radiation protection function. At the same time, the fabric has metallic luster, elegance, comfortable hand feeling and bright color. It is the fashion choice of international brands today.

Cotton nylon fabric not only has metallic luster, but also is straight and visible, noble and magnificent to wear. Moreover, the fabric has the function of conducting and shielding, so it is widely used in scientific research, military high-tech and electronic and medical industries with high added value.

At present, men's and women's windbreaker, cotton-padded jacket, down jacket and casual jacket are mainly made.

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