Different Needs of Aluminum Magnet Wire in The Industry April 03, 2020 12:02 AM

By : weetime

Enameled wire, as an important branch of common magnet wire, is widely used in large machinery. Some large motors cannot be separated from Aluminum Magnet Wire, although these large machines have a subtle influence on our daily life. However, what we are introducing to you today is not the heavy-duty electrical machinery industry, which is so far away from our daily life, but the aluminum magnet wire industry around us in our daily life.

We can say that as long as we use electricity in our life, we have to transport and insulate electricity through various bottom insulators such as aluminum magnet wire, which can be used in both large machinery and household. He is not far from our life. Our family's general electric appliances such as small motors, fans, change fans and fruit blenders all have the shape of aluminum magnet wires, which are the most common enameled wires in our aluminum magnet wires.

Since the aluminum magnet wire entered the market of our country, its technology has been improving. In order to meet the different needs of different industries, aluminum magnet wire is also divided into various types, and different manufacturing technologies with different media and density are selected for processing.

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