Temperature Requirements For Shrink Sleeve Labels Processing April 20, 2020 9:16 PM

By : Gete

Storage of shrink sleeve labels: shrink sleeve labels placed in a high humidity environment are easily affected with moisture, which will affect their flatness, printability and labeling effect. Causes label to curl, drop ink, wrinkle and other problems. Therefore, labels need to be stored in a dry environment to avoid adverse effects caused by high humidity. The storage environment is 22℃ 2℃ and the relative humidity is 50% 5%. The materials should not be placed in direct contact with the ground and wall.

Processing environment temperature and humidity: processing environment is very important for printing processing. If the humidity is too low or too high, the material will have adverse effects on paper feeding, printing, die-cutting and slitting due to the surface material and bottom. Cause the material cannot be processed and used smoothly. At the same time, the humidity is too high, which causes the paper material to be affected with damp in the processing process, which will affect its printability and lead to wrinkling. Generally, the environmental requirements for shrink sleeve labels printing are temperature 18-25℃, relative humidity 50%-60%.

When labeling, the label and roll film should be balanced. Labeling action will make the label and roll film get a smooth combination in the labeling environment. After labeling is completed, if the environmental temperature and humidity change violently (such as plum rains season), the label and roll film will be affected differently, which will lead to the change of label labeling state, leading to problems such as label wrinkling. In order to avoid the above problems, labeling and storage environment need to be properly controlled to avoid large changes in temperature and humidity. At the same time, the moisture content of the label and roll film should be balanced as much as possible during labeling, so that the changes of the label and roll film are relatively synchronous when they experience different environments after labeling is completed, which can reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and other problems.

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