Different Kinds Of Aluminum Solid Panel Have Different Treatment Methods April 23, 2020 10:52 PM

By : Jia

With the continuous development of the domestic economy, aluminum products are widely used in our life. Therefore, domestic aluminum technicians have made remarkable achievements and are gradually changing our lives. What are the common classifications and manufacturing techniques of the concrete Aluminum Solid Panel?

The common aluminum panels in the market will choose different processing methods according to the classification of aluminum panels. The common processing methods for aluminum panels are heating, rolling, straightening, solution ageing and other processes. Among them, the embossed aluminum panel is subjected to extrusion processing on the basis of aluminum panel, so that various patterned aluminum panels are formed on the surface of the aluminum panel, and the embossed aluminum panel can be used for packaging, integrated suspended ceilings, building curtain walls and the like.


The main process of drawing aluminum panel includes degreasing, sand mill and water washing. In the process of drawing aluminum panel, the aluminum panel needs to be rubbed repeatedly with sandpaper. After the treatment is completed, the surface will show fine silk traces, thus achieving the effect of the metal drawing. Then, the aluminum panel is anodized, and a skin film containing special metal components will be formed on the surface of the aluminum panel, which can play an anti-corrosion role.


In addition, the formation of anodized aluminum panel needs to go through electrolytic oxidation process. Aluminum panel needs to be placed in electrolyte as the anode, and then after electrolytic oxidation, an oxide layer will finally be formed on the surface. This process is relatively simple to say, but in fact, it is complicated to operate and requires mastering advanced technology.


Finally, the mirror aluminum panel is produced. The mirror aluminum panel needs to be processed by rolling technology, polishing and other methods, so that the surface of the aluminum panel will have a mirror effect. Different kinds of aluminum panels are treated in different ways, and manufacturers will produce them according to customer requirements.

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