Yarn Dyed Fabric Is Called "Dyed Fabric" in Japan May 12, 2020 2:49 AM

By : xi

The yarn dyed fabric, known as "dyed fabric" in Japan, refers to the process of dyeing yarns or filaments first and then weaving with dyed yarns. This fabric is known as "dyed fabric". The factories producing dyed fabric are generally known as dyeing factories, such as denim, and most shirt fabrics are dyed fabrics. Yarn dyed fabric is generally produced by jacquard looms and rapier looms.

Yarn dyed fabric is made of dyed yarn, and yarn dyeing is generally divided into two ways:

Colour spinning: before spinning, the raw materials are dyed with color, such as cotton, or coloured cotton spun yarn. this process is mostly used in wool spinning and cotton spinning, including blended yarn.

Dyed yarn: dyed green yarn after rinsing.

Classification of yarn dyed fabric:

Poplin cloth, youth cloth, seersucker, Oxford spinning, elastic cloth, double layer cloth, cut cloth, jacquard cloth.

Definition of yarn dyed fabric:

First of all, as long as the fabric has more than two colours, and all of them are of the same composition (referring to fibers becoming, for example, all cotton, polyester, etc.), they are basically dyed fabrics. If it is plain fabric, it depends on the quality and colourfastness of the cloth cover. The quality of plain cloth woven by general colour is better than that of dyed cloth. The cloth cover is fine and clear. The colour fastness is also half to one grade higher than that of dyed cloth.

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