The Chest Freezer Factory Reminds You Not To Forget To Clean Regularly May 13, 2020 11:46 PM

By : bai

The double refrigeration technology in the Chest Freezer Factory has solved the technical problems that cannot be overcome by a single refrigeration method, thus leaving no refrigeration blind area in the freezer. Ultra-wide shelves provide customers with a more effective display area and more inventory. The lamp tube placed at the front edge of each shelf enhances the display effect of the items in the freezer. One-piece foaming and firm steel frame foundation make the freezer have better heat preservation performance and more firm and durable structure.

The contents of the freezer are clear at a glance, thus enhancing the display effect of the contents of the freezer. During the use of the freezer, the condenser will attach a lot of dust and other impurities, so the cooling effect of the condenser will be greatly reduced and the cooling effect will naturally decrease. Therefore, in winter, the condenser should be thoroughly cleaned so that it can be in the best working condition in summer.

The refrigerated containers should be placed evenly to avoid deformation caused by uneven stress on the laminate. Please pull down the curtain during the closing time at night. It is better to wipe and clean the freezer once a month so as to prolong its service life. Clean the compressor and condenser regularly. Clean the freezer regularly (at least once every 2 months). When cleaning, first cut off the power supply, gently scrub with neutral detergent and water, and then wipe off the detergent with clean water. Washing powder, detergent powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, thinner, boiled water, oils, brushes, etc. are not allowed to clean the freezer. When the freezer is not in use for a long time, unplug the power plug, wipe the inside of the freezer clean, and close the door of the freezer after the freezer is fully dried.

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