Seize The Development Opportunity Of Print Labels Supplier May 18, 2020 10:35 PM

By : Gete

The label industry has entered a stable growth period in Europe and the United States, with adhesive and heat transfer film materials growing rapidly. In North America and Europe, self-adhesive labels have already accounted for about 50% of the total label market share, and wet adhesive labels are gradually showing a downward trend. The increase in the proportion of heat transfer film materials is closely related to a large number of labeling machines and the strength of flexographic printing. In addition, the growth rate of both in-mould labels and shrink-wrap wrapped labels exceeds 5%, with shrink-wrap expected to grow by 14% in North America in 2006, becoming the biggest bright spot in the label industry. Coupled with the increased use of heat transfer film materials in self-adhesive labels, these all put forward higher requirements for print labels supplier.

Judging from the international situation and development trend of adopting new technologies in label printing, the four technologies of the smart label, in-mould label, heat-shrinkable film label and digital label printing have developed rapidly.

·Smart tags

With people's higher and more complete information demand for the production, storage and transportation, quality assurance, anti-counterfeiting, management and other aspects of commodities, the traditional bar code labels are obviously beyond their capacity. With the progress of science and technology and its application in the field of label manufacturing, a brand new, multifunctional and smart label with good anti-counterfeiting effect has been widely used, which will bring new vitality and vigour to the label manufacturing and printing industry.

·In-mould label

In-mould label is also an in-mould label, which is a brand-new label printing form different from traditional direct silkscreen printing, heat-shrinkable label and self-adhesive label. According to the label forming method, it can be divided into blow moulding in-mould label and injection moulding in-mould label. The surface is treated with PP or synthetic paper, and the back is coated with special hot melt adhesive to form special label paper. After the label is printed and manufactured, the label is sent to the inside of the mould by a manipulator, and the hot melt adhesive resin on the back of the label in the mold is melted by the high temperature extruded by plastic melt adhesive so that the label and the container are integrated.

·heat shrinkable film label

Heat shrinkable packaging is a widely used packaging method in commodity packaging. It can be used to package various types of products and has the characteristics of transparency, sealing, moisture resistance, packaging, etc. However, its technology and equipment are simple, the packaging cost is low, and the packaging methods are various, which are favoured by merchants and consumers. Labels in the heat-shrinkable film are a part of the label market. Currently, they are growing rapidly and their market share is expanding. The annual growth rate is expected to be about 15%, which is much higher than the annual growth rate of about 5% in the general label market. They have great development potential and become a bright spot in the label printing industry.

·Digital label printing technology

In foreign thermal paper, printing paper is very simple in circulation and promotion, but sometimes the requirements for product tracking involve variable codes or anti-counterfeiting requirements, as well as inquiry codes, and labels need secondary printing, even directly variable personalized printing, which is directly related to digital technology.

The development space of label printing is very large and the potential market is vast. We must seize the opportunity and meet the challenge. The application and development of new label printing technology will be promising.

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