General procedures for operating a concrete pump May 21, 2020 3:11 AM

By : juniper

1. Start the concrete pump and run empty. If the temperature is low, the empty operation time should be longer, because the temperature of the hydraulic oil will only be able to pump concrete if it rises above 15℃. Do not use pressure test (overflow valve high pressure overflow) to speed up the rate of heating. 2. A certain amount of clean water is added to the hopper of concrete pump to moisten the hopper, distributing valve and concrete conveying pipeline of concrete pump. 3. Add a certain amount of cement mortar into the hopper to lubricate the entire concrete conveying pipeline. 4. After the cement mortar is injected into the hopper, the mixing shaft should be reversed for a few weeks to allow the two sides of the concrete pump hopper to be fully lubricated by the mortar, and then the mixing shaft should be turned to feed the mortar into the distribution valve box through the hopper throat. 5. Do not pump out all the mortar inside the hopper when the pump is started. The mortar should be kept above the level of the mixing shaft of the hopper and pumped together after the concrete is delivered and added to the hopper.

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