Content Review of Aluminum Lipstick Case Label June 28, 2020 10:47 PM

By : jin

During the processing and production of Aluminum Lipstick Case, lipstick case material is a link that is prone to problems. According to our several years of production experience, we have summarized some common problems of lipstick case material, which may delay the production of products and even cause the scrap of lipstick case material. When the lipstick case material is delivered to the factory, we also have professionals to detect these problems to ensure the smooth completion of production. Let's take a look below.

Review of lipstick case label content:

1. The name of the product conforms to the lipstick case naming rules.

2. Prohibited words conform to the provisions of Decree No.100. No national prohibited words, such as water needle and moisturizing factor, can appear.

3. The entrusting party and the entrusted party shall indicate the full name and address.

4. Place of origin is correctly marked.

5. The shelf life shall be marked correctly.

6. Component labeling, in accordance with the provisions.

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