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Means Of Transportation In Canberra


Canberra being the Capital city of Australia, it has several means of widely available means of transportation.  So, if you are planning to travel Capital city Canberra, buses are not always the best option as they are not frequent due to less number of people. So either use Cabs or Rideshare options. Getting around Canberra is very easy, you can use the following options to travel around Canberra city.


==By Bus ==

To travel by bus, you need to get [ .

MyWay card which is a form of electronic ticketing used on public transport services within Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. It is promoted by Transport Canberra and is valid on Canberra Light Rail and ACTION buses. You can easily buy it from nearby News agencies and post offices. You can view the timetable of bus on this site or from  the journey planner from official website


==By Taxis== 

 There are few Taxi operators. They operate 24/7  and taxis are more reliable than ride sharing and more secured to drive with. Canberra taxis can take you any place you have to go – regardless of whether it's to a winery on the edges of the city, an eatery in a clamoring region, or to visit a companion in a remote suburb. The air terminal, train station and even local towns, for example, Queanbeyan and Murrumbateman are likewise overhauled by nearby administrators. 


Taxi accepts Cash (whenever acknowledged), Cabcharge, EFTPOS or credit card, and electronic payments too. You can book them by calling them or by visiting their website below:


[ ACT cabs] :  Canberra Cabs  (02) 6280 0077


Have a comfort of mind knowing Canberra taxi drivers hold working with vulnerable people registrations. If they are based in Queanbeyan NSW, then they will have been vetted by a police check NSW

==By Light rail==

 The light rail operates only between Civic and Gungahlin (the route goes through Braddon, Dickson and Lyneham).  It is also the quickest way to get around the City. You can also use a MyWay card to pay in Light rail. 


==By Rideshare ==

Ride share cars are much cheaper and affordable means. You can get around anywhere anytime. There are 2 rideshare operators for now in Canberra, they are:


[ Uber]

[ Ola]


You will have comfort knowing that your public vehicle drivers are vetted by a national police check and will get you from point A to B in a safe and secure manner. 


 For more information on public transportation in Canberra visit official site


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