Several Classifications Of Common Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers July 16, 2020 10:54 PM

By : Jia

You must have heard of the Aluminum Composite Panel, and it may still be used frequently. Do you know the classification of the aluminum composite panel? The following Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers will briefly introduce it.

1. Coating decorative aluminum composite panel

Various decorative coatings are coated on the surface of aluminum panel. Fluorocarbon, polyester and acrylic coatings are widely used, mainly including metallic colors, plain colors, pearlescent colors and fluorescent colors, which have decorative effects and are the most common varieties in the market.

2. Oxidized colored aluminum composite panel

The aluminum alloy panel treated by anodic oxidation in time has unique colors such as rose red and bronze, which plays a special decorative effect.

3. Decorate the aluminum composite panel with film

That is to say, according to the set process conditions, depending on the action of adhesive, the adhesive of color film is applied to the aluminum panel coated with primer or directly attached to the degreased aluminum panel. The main varieties are post grain, wood grain panel, etc.

4. Color printed aluminum composite panel

Different patterns are printed on transfer paper by advanced computer phototypesetting technology, and then various imitation natural patterns are indirectly copied on aluminum composite panel by thermal transfer technology. It can satisfy the designer's creativity and the owner's personalized choice.

5. Drawing aluminum composite panel

Aluminum alloy panels with brushed surfaces are commonly used as gold and silver brushed products, which bring different visual enjoyment to people.

6. Mirror aluminum composite panel

The surface of aluminum alloy panel is polished like a mirror.

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