Safety Guarantee Of Lip Gloss Tube Packaging Materials July 27, 2020 1:26 AM

By : jin

Excessive intake of heavy metals will cause great harm to human health. For example, excessive lead will interfere with the synthesis of heme, affecting intellectual development and reproductive system; Long-term skin exposure to excessive chromium compounds is likely to cause contact dermatitis and eczema; Mercury will affect the central nervous system and so on. If the packaging material of Lip gloss tube comes into contact with cosmetics, especially weakly acidic products, it will slowly enter the cosmetics and then be absorbed by the skin.

Not only that, when the lip gloss tube is abandoned, the heavy metals contained in it will slowly penetrate into the soil or water, causing extremely fatal damage to our environment.

If the standard of heavy metal content in lip gloss tube packaging materials can be established, it will greatly improve the safety of cosmetics and make a contribution to our society and our environment. Therefore, the study and detection of the potential risks of the chemicals contained in the lip gloss tube packaging can not only add the corresponding knowledge reserve to the inspection system of cosmetics quality, but also add a powerful barrier to people's health and safety and environmental protection.

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