Features of Hydroponic square pipe growing system July 31, 2020 3:35 AM

By : huimin

Hydroponic square pipe growing system Hydroponics refers to plant roots in direct contact with a nutrient solution without substrate cultivation. British Cooper in 1973 proposed a hydroponic nutrient film technique, referred to as the NFT (nutrient film technique). Its principle is making a very thin layer of nutrient solution (0.5-1 cm), continue to cycle through the crop roots, not only to ensure a continuous supply of crop water and nutrient but also to ensure a continuous supply of fresh O2. NFT cultivation makes irrigation technology greatly simplified and do not need to calculate crop water requirement, and it can get the equilibrium of nutrient supply. The isolation of root and soil, can avoid all kinds of soil-borne diseases nor need to sterilize the soil. Hydroponic square pipe growing system of the general election of diameter 63 # PVC pipe or hose, at the end of each tube, to open a liquid injection port, the other end of the opening mouth, and set up in the cultivation of planting holes Serve. Cultivation pipeline using elevated arrangement, or shelf-type layout, in the space under the space tank, and install the DC pump can be installed on the cycle can be a small pump opening and closing can be used to control the timing switch. Can also be equipped with a solar small pump. Hydroponic square pipe growing system pipeline cultivation of liquid circulation management without strict precision control requirements, the root of vegetable growth, part of the exposure to the tube space, part of the bottom of the liquid flow in the thin layer of liquid, effectively solve the vegetable supply and oxygen problems, but also The most common farming techniques, also known as nutrient liquid film technology (NFT hydroponics). Half Moon is in a cycle Features of Hydroponic square pipe growing system 1.easy to assemble 2. PVC pipe: 107x100x70cm square tube pipe 3.Suitable for lettuce and celery, parsley, greenhouse vegetables, strawberry. 4. Save time: with water pump and timer, no need people look after Advantage of Hydroponic square pipe growing system 1. Save the land. We can plant anywhere, even the rooftop. 2. Save the water 85 %. 3. Save labor. 4. Save the fertilizer 80 %. 5. Save the pesticide, friendly of the environment. 6. High production. 7.Product harmony. Little waste. 8. High quality and more safety. 9. All the growing conditions can be controlled.

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