Heat Transfer Film Gives Consumers More Confidence In Choice August 03, 2020 9:56 PM

By : Gete

For most manufacturers, the real label is one that has no label or can't be seen from the appearance, which is the very popular heat transfer film at present. Heat transfer film can show internal products, and consumers have more confidence in choosing when buying.

Consumer preference is one of the main driving forces of transparent labels. The second is the improvement of matrix materials, especially heat transfer films. The stability, printability and transparency of film thickness have been greatly improved in recent years. Processors can print more vivid graphics and provide stronger label products.

Among many improvements, the most important thing is that polyolefin films are used more widely. Polyolefin film has better performance than styrene or vinyl film. Olefin films, especially polypropylene films, have obvious advantages in transparency, firmness, function and thickness. Because the film quality is more stable, the printing effect is more balanced. Film processors hope to improve the quality of their products by adopting special films. Some olefin films need different coatings in different fields, but the research and development focus of manufacturers is still on universal products. The printing thickness of olefin products is thinner than that of ordinary films, which can reduce the existence of labels in design.

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