OEM Aluminum Die Castings Have Strong Anti-collision Performance August 04, 2020 10:17 PM

By : wei

Everyone in the die casting industry knows that Audi has applied OEM Aluminum Die Castings to automobiles as early as 25 years ago. In the next five years, we will see more and more popular mass market vehicles adopt all-aluminum vehicles.

Auto parts manufacturers will eventually adopt OEM aluminum die castings on a large scale to meet these requirements. The application of aluminum can be used in ultra-high fuel economy and light power transmission system, provided that they do not sacrifice internal space and automobile performance.

Aluminum auto parts industry is increasing its output to meet the increasing demand. In fact, economy does not mean that only automobile manufacturers will use more aluminum products. The second major factor is the corrosion resistance and strong anti-collision performance of OEM aluminum die castings.

The absorbable impact energy of aluminum is twice that of steel. Some high-strength steel products are difficult to repair. Other demands for aluminum metal in auto parts industry are expected to increase.

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