The Yellowing Reason Of Lightweight Nlyon Fabric Needs Further Analysis August 10, 2020 11:19 PM

By : xi

Yellowing, also known as "yellowing", refers to the phenomenon that the surface of white or light-colored substances is yellowed under external conditions such as light, heat and chemicals. When white textiles and dyed textiles turn yellow, not only the appearance is damaged, but also the service life is greatly reduced. Therefore, the research on yellowing reasons and anti-yellowing measures of lightweight nylon fabric has always been one of the hot topics at home and abroad.

Light nlyon fabric are particularly prone to yellowing, which may occur in dyeing and finishing processes, during storage or hanging in shop windows, or even at home. There are many reasons that may cause yellowing, such as yellowing of fiber itself (material-related), or chemicals used on fabric, such as oil residue and softener (chemical-related).

Usually, further analysis is necessary to know the causes of yellowing, how to set processing conditions, which chemicals should be used or can only be used, which influencing factors will cause the interaction of yellowing, and how the fabric is packaged and stored.

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