Applications of maker tablet press machine August 11, 2020 3:49 AM

By : huimin

Rotary single punch camphor moringa maker tablet press machine is a kind of automatic rotary tablet press machine and is suitable for continuously pressing powder and particle into round tablets, special-shaped tablets, double color, and annular tablet. ZP 20 Tablet press machine is the preferred product in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, food and other enterprises in production, Tablet press machine is also suitable for pressing that material that is difficult formed into a tablet, meet the requirements of GMP production. Rotary single punch camphor moringa maker tablet press machine is a double press automatic rotation can be equipped with a force-feeding system for shape-pressing equipment, which has the function of the press the grains material to be round or irregular shape tablets, such as candy, calcium tablets double-sides with letter printing and etc. which widely suitable for the Industries of pharmaceutical, Chemical, Foodstuff, Plastic Electronic, Powder Metallurgy and so on. Product Details 1. The material of the machine is made of stainless steel with totally closed, the surface of turntable deal with polished and prevent cross pollution which meets the GMP standard. 2. It is equipped with an Organic-glass perspective window for tablet producing observation. Each perspective window could be fully opened and easy for cleaning and maintenance. 3. Rotary single punch camphor moringa maker tablet press machine adopts the import Frequency Timing with Electromagnetism Clutch. 4. The driving system is equipped with oil boxes and running under oil, easy for heat dissipation, and wear-resistance. 5. It is equipped with Dust Collector as well, which avoids the dust emission and recycle to save the dust. Applications of maker tablet press machine This machine is used to make different kinds of granular materials compressed into flake, the advantage is not only can suppress the shaped pieces of various geometric shapes, double-layer tablets, ring-chip, and double lettering pieces but also can suppress the round-chip piece. Rotary single punch camphor moringa maker tablet press machine during operation, the depth of filling material, and the thickness of the tablets can be adjusted. When overload occurs, the machine stops automatically.ZPW21 is designed to meet the GMP standards. The pressing area of an improved type of ZPW21 is sealed with four polymethyl methacrylate doors to be isolated with the outside environment. The parts contacting the materials are made of stainless steel or their surface is well antisepticized to avoid pollution.

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