Ensure Good Temperature Control Of Commercial Ice Cream Freezer August 12, 2020 10:19 PM

By : bai

Summer is a good season for selling ice cream, and many businesses are buying Commercial Ice Cream Freezer. But many businesses don't know how to distinguish between good and bad. As for the internal materials, some pipes need to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance (rot, disappearance, erosion, etc.), good cold transfer performance, difficult deformation, few joints at joints, etc., so as to ensure normal and long-term work in commercial environment.

Ensure that the commercial ice cream freezer has fast cooling speed and good temperature control. General commercial ice cream freezer can meet the needs of convenience stores. However, for our product, the use environment is also very important, which is applicable. If it is used frequently, it will not be shut down for more than half a month, so the compressor in the cabinet has high requirements. Generally speaking, the performance of the commercial compressor is much better than that of the domestic compressor, and the compressor in a good product cabinet is not bad, which can adapt to the harsh environment of convenience stores, with good starting performance and low failure rate, and there are many specifications for convenience store merchants to choose.

Many closed cabinets will cool faster than open cabinets, because closed insulation is better. In the process of testing, the insulation effect of the insulation layer is the standard to measure the quality of a cabinet, and it is an energy-saving method for convenience store merchants. Good heat insulation effect of products will not change with the influence of external ambient temperature, and the temperature suitable for freezing storage in the cabinet will always be maintained.

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