Stainless Steel Composite Panel Can Be Processed In Various Ways August 13, 2020 9:54 PM

By : Jia

Stainless Steel Composite Panel is a composite panel made of carbon steel base and stainless steel cladding. Its main feature is that carbon steel and stainless steel form a firm metallurgical bond, which can be processed by hot pressing, cold bending, cutting, welding and other processes and has good technological performance.

There are two main methods for the industrial production of stainless steel composite panel: explosive compounding and hot rolling compounding. The production process of the explosive composite board is to superpose the stainless steel panel on the carbon steel substrate, and a certain distance is separated between the stainless steel panel and the carbon steel substrate by cushions. The stainless steel panel is paved with explosives, and the energy of explosion of the explosives causes the stainless steel panel to impact the carbon steel substrate at a high speed, thus generating high temperature and high pressure and realizing solid phase welding at the interface of the two materials.

Stainless steel composite panel has the characteristics of various carbon steels and stainless steels, is welcomed by users for its excellent performance and price ratio, and has broad market prospects. However, it is interesting to note that since the 1950s, after more than half a century of ups and downs in the development process, many people still do not know it, and more people have not used it. It should be said that the market of stainless steel composite panel is far from mature and is still in the process of development. Science and technology workers will never stop their exploration and efforts to build a resource-saving society.

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