Features of an agriculture glass greenhouse August 14, 2020 2:37 AM

By : huimin

The low price of commercial agriculture glass greenhouse has a modern and novel in exterior and has a stable structure. It adopts hot galvanized pipes connected by the hot-galvanizing bolts and tapping screws, without any welding point. So it is strong and practical and also simply beautiful overall. The covering material is glass which has a high transmittance, good insulation. The design of a wide span and pinnacle made a large operating inner space, high utilization, and a good bandwagon effect. It can be used as a large ornamental greenhouse, aquaculture greenhouse, floriculture greenhouse, flower market, shopping mall, and ecological restaurant. The low price of commercial agriculture glass greenhouse provides an ideal environment for plant growth. As no need for soil, plants can be healthier than cultivated in soil. The light transmittance is more than 90%. The greenhouse is with modern and novel appearance, stable structure. It can resist heavy and strong snow/wind, and very easy to clean and maintain. The lifetime of the greenhouse main body is more than 20years. It can be equipped with an inside and outside shading system, top and side window ventilation system, wet curtain and fan cooling system, and so on. Other equipment can be applied according to the user's planting needs. Features of an agriculture glass greenhouse 1.High and even light transmission 2.Long lifetime and high intensity 3.Strong corrosion resistance and fire resistance 4.Good thermal insulation performance. 5.Modern and elegant design The skeleton materials of the low price of commercial agriculture glass greenhouse are made by galvanized steel materials, connected by galvanized and anti-rot bolts and screws, no welded point. And the Greenhouse can be used for exhibition, seed-breeding, flower or vegetable market or mall, ecological restaurant, teaching or scientific research, etc. Supporting Systems Outside Shading System, Inside Shading System, Cooling System, Heating System, Ventilation System, Seedbed System, Electric Control System, etc.

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