The Most Commonly Used Defrosting Method Of Freezer August 19, 2020 10:49 PM

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Now many businesses need freezers to store frozen food or display goods, so let's take a look at how China Chest Freezer Factory effectively defrost freezers.

When a thick layer of ice is formed on the wall of the freezer, frost will reduce the efficiency of the machine and increase the energy consumption. Many new commercial freezers can defrost automatically, but not every product has this function.

Let's see how to defrost the freezer quickly and effectively.

1. Wait for the ice to melt

The most direct way is to unplug the freezer, open the freezer door and wait for the ice to melt. This defrosting method is the simplest, but it takes a long time, especially when you are in a low temperature environment.

This is the safest way to defrost the freezer. Open the door of the freezer and wait patiently for the ice to melt. Then you can do other things.

When the ice melts, you may need to wipe away the melted water in the freezer with a sponge or towel, or you can put an old towel on the floor to absorb the flowing water.

2. Use hot water

First, check the instructions to see if it is safe to use hot water to accelerate the defrosting of freezer.

If the instruction manual indicates that it is safe, you can put the basin with hot water in the freezer and close the door and wait for 5 minutes, so that the heat and steam of water can accelerate the melting of ice.

Next, take out the hot water.

Reheat the water, and gently scrape off the ice cubes on the freezer with the edge of a wooden spoon. Be careful not to scratch the sides and bottom of the freezer. Take out the scraped ice cubes with a towel and melt them in a pool.

Put the hot water in the freezer and wait for another 5 minutes.

This is a repeated process until all the ice has melted.

3. Use a hair dryer

As long as you follow the basic safety protection measures, it is completely safe to defrost the freezer with portable hair dryer.

Ensure that the power cord and blower are away from water or ice, and prevent the blower from overheating, which may also damage the plastic structure in the freezer.

Use a towel to absorb the melted ice at the bottom of the freezer, and place the hair dryer parallel to the wall of the freezer to let the hot air blow behind the ice cubes.

As the edges of ice cubes begin to melt, continue to blow behind the ice cubes with a blower, and at the same time, gently shovel the ice from the freezer wall with a plastic scraper.

4. Pay attention to cleanliness and dryness

You can use warm soapy water to wipe the side and bottom of the freezer to disinfect it, and use detergent and a little baking soda to treat the odor of the freezer. Then dry the freezer with a towel, so that the freezer will not freeze again.

The above four points are the most commonly used defrosting methods for freezers, and I hope they will help you.

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