What Factors Affect The Dyeing Of Aluminum Solid Panel August 20, 2020 9:54 PM

By : Jia

If the Aluminum Solid Panel needs to be dyed, we need to know what aspects will affect the aluminum solid panel when it is dyed.

1. Oxide film

Oxide film has great influence on the quality of aluminum solid panel. Oxide film refers to the thickness, porosity and transparency of aluminum solid panel during production.

2. Dyeing temperature

The dyeing process of aluminum solid panel can be divided into cold dyeing and hot dyeing. It takes a long time to use cold dyeing, and it is easy to master the color uniformity in the middle of dyeing process. The use time of thermal dyeing is short, but it is difficult to control the color in the dyeing process. The temperature of thermal dyeing is usually 10-60℃. If the temperature is too high in the dyeing process, the adsorption of dyeing will be reduced, and the surface of aluminum plate will easily bloom.

3. Manufacturing raw materials

Usually, after high purity aluminum is anodized in the production process, the dyeing function is the best, and it can be dyed into various colors.

4. Dyeing solution concentration

There is a certain relationship between the concentration of aluminum solid panel and dyeing. If the aluminum plate is dyed light, the concentration can be reduced a little, and the concentration can be higher when dyed dark. In order to enhance the adsorption performance of its dyeing, it is possible to use low-concentration colors for extended dyeing, so that the dye can penetrate into the oxide film evenly, and thus the dyeing can be more harmonious and firm.

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