Cosmetics Packaging Labels Should Reflect Real Attributes August 24, 2020 2:21 AM

By : jin

Cosmetics label is the ID card of cosmetics products. According to the standard, the Cosmetics packaging factory arranges the contents that must be marked on the cosmetics label for everyone.

The name of cosmetics: it should be simple and easy to understand, reflecting the real attributes. It usually consists of brand name+common name+attribute name.

1. trade name. Registered trademarks and unregistered trademarks can be used, but they need to comply with the relevant provisions of China's trademark laws and regulations. According to the Trademark Law, enterprises, institutions and individual industrial and commercial households shall apply to the Trademark Office for registration if they need to obtain the exclusive right to use trademarks. This shows that it is up to the trademark user to decide whether to obtain the exclusive right to use the trademark. If you don't need to obtain exclusive rights, you can not register. Unregistered trademarks are allowed to be used, but are not protected by law.

2. Common name. It can be words that indicate the main raw materials of the product or describe the use, purpose and position of the product, etc., and words that express or imply medical effects should not be used.

3. Attribute name. Show the real physical properties or appearance, such as cream, cream, water, liquid, powder, etc.

Common names and attribute names can be omitted in some cosmetics names that are customary and used. Such as eye shadow, lipstick, facial mask, hair conditioner, etc.

Chinese names of imported cosmetics should correspond to foreign names as far as possible, and free translation and transliteration can be adopted. Similar foreign characters or other symbols shall be explained in Chinese on the visible side of the package.

Special attention: Except for registered trademarks, the pinyin and foreign language fonts used for logos shall not be larger than the corresponding Chinese characters.

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