Main features of straws packing machine August 27, 2020 3:07 AM

By : huimin

Stainless steel multifunctional pieces of straws packing machine is suitable for packing numbers of plastic drinking straws, paper straws, incense sticks, pencil in one bag, 20-350 pcs can be packed together according to various diameter. What's more, PE coated paper ( plastic filmed paper) could be also used as the packing materials. Main features of straws packing machine 1. It adopts a PLC frequency converter with a touch-screen interface, measurement precision, electrical fault auto-detection, easy to operate, and setting. 2. Drinking straws countedby counting wheel, servo motor control, more accuracy. 3. Stainless steel multifunctional pieces of straws packing machine packing speed and bag length use the double frequency converter control, infinitely variable speed, arbitrary adjustment range, can match the front-line working produce perfectly. 4. It uses high-quality double-frequency simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, long life, less wear, and tear. 5. Its high-precision optical detection and tracking(film color tracking), two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable. 6. Intelligent products feeding detection, optimizing the online function, effectively prevent the packaging material consumption, making the device a perfect run. 7. Stainless steel conveyor table and the main machine part of the machine are carbon-steel sprays painted can also be operated according to the customers’ requirements with stainless steel. Stainless steel multifunctional pieces of straws packing machine integrates automatic feeding, automatic counting, and sealing into one. Straws are well loaded in the hopper manually and are discharged to flow path in one or two ways by the motorized system at the end of the hopper. A servo motor counting system counts straw, Once the target quantity is achieved, Push cylinder pushes straws to a formed tube of the film where straw is indexed forward and enclosed. This web of material is then sealed using a "fin seal." The enfolded product is then further indexed to be end sealed and cut off in a continuous process. The result is a neatly wrapped finished product Complying with the industrial requirements in fine chemical engineering, food industry, our company successfully developed the quantitive open-mouth bagging machine. The equipment consists of a control computer, feeding conveyor, weighing sensor, batching hopper, and sealing machine conveyor belt can be manufactured to the need of the customer.

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