The Practicality Of The Lipstick Case Adds Extra Points To It August 30, 2020 10:20 PM

By : jin

Cosmetic packaging has become a big growth point in the future. In the process of Lipstick Case design, we should pay attention to several aspects:

1. Interestingness: In terms of interest, as the main consumer in cosmetics market, many women have potential standards for product packaging requirements.

2. Conciseness: Usually, the simple and generous lipstick case design style is easy to highlight the plain, elegant and quality visual feeling of the product.

3. Practicality: If some cosmetic packaging materials can be used for other storage and decoration after the products are used up, they will also give extra points to the products.

4. Environmental protection: the green trend should not only be reflected in the addition of natural raw materials, but also in the development and design of lipstick case materials.

When working, lipstick case designers should consider not only the protection of packaging materials, but also whether these materials can be recycled to the maximum extent, and not how much use value these materials really have, but reflect the sense of responsibility of enterprises to society, which is a big problem related to corporate image. Environmental protection is a need of social development.

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