The Composition Of Paper Cup Sleeve Must Meet The Standard August 31, 2020 10:40 PM

By : qiqi

1. The printing ink of Paper cup sleeve requires good printing fastness, and the printed matter has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance and light resistance, and will not fade, change color and fall off due to these factors; In addition, the printed matter should have good scratch and gloss, semi-extinction and extinction.

2. Ink components: The components of the ink must conform to the Food Hygiene Law and the corresponding food packaging hygiene standards.

3. Residual solvent: the amount of residual solvent should be controlled to be small, so as to prevent the odor of printed matter and the dirt on the back of printed matter. When the solvent adheres to the base material or base film at the sealing place, it will cause poor heat sealing, resulting in poor adhesion at the sealing place or the phenomenon of curling and bursting due to poor adhesion.

4. Drying temperature: The drying temperature of the ink should not be too high. If the temperature is too high, the surface of the base film will be oxidized, resulting in poor heat sealing. However, it is necessary to prevent poor drying of printing ink to avoid odor.

5. Selection of ink and ink solvent: The selected ink solvent should not swell the PE film or contain water in the solvent as far as possible to prevent the printed matter from curling; As far as possible, ink containing plasticized free carrier should be selected to prevent different shrinkage rates between ink film and PE film due to temperature changes, resulting in curl of printed matter. Curled printed matter will warp after being cut into fan-shaped pieces by die, which brings difficulties to the transportation of paper cup sleeve and the forming of roll opening.

6. Environmental temperature and humidity: if the humidity in the workshop is too high, the printed matter will curl, and if the temperature of the rolled film after printing the paper cup sleeve is too high, the adhesion between the upper and lower films will occur, which will also affect the subsequent processing and molding of the paper cup sleeve.

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