Treatment Method Of Flow Mark Of Lead Die Casting September 01, 2020 11:16 PM

By : wei

The flow mark defect of Lead Die Casting products is also called stripe, which is characterized by the appearance of smooth lines with the same flow direction as the molten metal on the surface of the casting, and some concave downward lines can be detected by touching with hands. This defect has no development direction and can be removed by polishing.

The causes of flow marks are as follows: Two metal liquids do not fill the cavity at the same time; When the mold temperature is relatively low, it is easy to cause such defects; The mold filling speed is too fast; Too much paint is used.

Measures that can be taken to remove flow marks: adjust the cross-sectional area or orientation of the inner gate; Adjust the temperature of the mold and lift the overflow trough; Adjust the filling speed properly to change the flow state of the molten metal filling cavity; Coating application should be thin and even.

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