How To Enhance The Promotion Function Of Aluminum Lipstick Tube September 06, 2020 11:45 PM

By : jin

The packaging of Aluminum Lipstick Tube contains many elements, such as types, images, fonts, signs and figures, and the use of space, etc. These elements work together to achieve the design purpose of aluminum lipstick tube. Every design method tries to make the design elements express beyond its own content. These elements are helpful to establish communication channels and influence consumers to accept and understand this information.

The decisive factors of the main manifestation of packaging and decoration design of aluminum lipstick tubes are: graphics, colors and characters.

1. The visual communication of graphics is intuitive, effective, vivid and rich in expressive force, which conveys the contents and information of aluminum lipstick tubes to consumers. Graphic annotation constitutes the main part of the overall image of aluminum lipstick tube packaging, which makes aluminum lipstick tube packaging have personality and aesthetic taste, and enhances the promotion function of aluminum lipstick tube.

2. Color has the greatest influence on people, and tends to take the lead. Color is also the most active and sensitive image element in the packaging design of aluminum lipstick tube. In the color design of aluminum lipstick tube packaging, it should be treated according to the performance needs of related factors such as products, brands, consumers and marketing environment. The perfect application of color is the key factor for the success of packaging design of aluminum lipstick tube.

3. As a main ideographic symbol, words are the medium for human beings to communicate information and an important tool for transmitting messages to consumers. The design text of aluminum lipstick tube packaging mainly includes brand name, product name, explanatory text, advertising language, enterprise logo name, etc. These characters represent the image of aluminum lipstick tube, and are also one of the main factors of design visual expression.

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