How To Distinguish The Types Of Yarn Dyed Fabric September 14, 2020 10:41 PM

By : xi

In our daily life, the textile industry plays a very important role, because we can't live without the use of various fabrics. When it comes to clothing fabrics, yarn dyed fabric are very popular in the market. But do you know how to distinguish different kinds of fabrics? Today, I would like to introduce the identification method of yarn dyed fabric for you, and friends in need can refer to it.

1. Look at the quality

Yarn dyed fabric usually have more than two colors with the same composition, and commonly used materials are cotton and polyester. If it is monochrome, we must pay attention to the quality and color fastness of fabrics. Generally speaking, the quality of monochrome yarn dyed fabric is much better than that of yarn dyed fabric.

2. Look at the materials

A very simple way to identify a fabric is to observe both sides of the fabric to see if the colors and patterns match. If you can't see, you can draw a line to see if the inside and outside of the line are the same color.

3. Look at the color

Another method is to take it home for cleaning. If it fades slightly, it is dyed cloth. Because of the difference of dyeing and knitting technology between these two kinds of fabrics, it is also different to make them fabrics with fixed chromaticity.

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