Instructions for use of cotton candy maker machine October 22, 2020 2:07 AM

By : yang

Cotton candy maker machine is newly designed by our technicists, it can make marshmallow fully automatic, you just need put a stick in it, and choose your desired shape and color on the screen, after several minutes, it can be made successfully, we provide many types of the cotton candy, such as the heart shape, the flower shape, the pentagonal and so on, many people are taking more interested in the DIY model, so it is in a huge need , you just need to invest it, and no need human working, the smart marshmallow making machine can make money for you, so never hesitate, connect me now. This Cotton candy maker machine for sale can be used to produce cotton candy floss. Sugar is the main material, adding other ingredients into a big pot that can produce various tastes and different colorful candy floss. Prepare before use of cotton candy maker machine 1.Before using, please read this manual to understand the structure and performance of the machine, familiar with the machine's main components and related security operations to better play its advantages, to achieve satisfactory results. 2.Taken from the rear carton machines, each corresponding to a component mounting position. 3. Cotton candy maker machine should be placed on a flat surface to ensure its stability. 4.Before power, check the power supply voltage is used, and this machine is consistent with the voltage, outlet compliance with safety standards, and has been installed leakage protection switch and take a good ground. Confirm all meet the electricity requirements. 5.Prior to use turned around and drip pan must be cleaned with water and clean water can be turned around within the first turn on the power switch by rotating the sugar water rejection to the head, then turn off the power switch, to be turned around and stopped the rotation and then with a soft cloth wipe clean. Instructions for use of cotton candy maker machine 1.Pushing the unit, grip the handle Gently press down so that the car's front foot slightly off the ground, you can easily walk freely to promote the machine, push the machine when not required, only to release the handle. 2. Cotton candy maker machine when in use, press the switch so that the machine rotation for 1-2 minutes, during rotation to observe the operation of the machine is stable. (If you need to adjust the machine too much vibration, be sure to make it a smooth placement and rotor installed correctly). 3. Rotary voltage adjustment knob (thermostat) observed voltmeter, adjust to 210V ~ 220V, and let the heat generating element is heated 4-5 minutes (voltage greater heating faster with according to actual needs of users regulate voltage). 4. Pour a spoonful of sugar in a clean white granular sugar head the center. 5. After about three seconds marshmallow then ejected with bamboo or other rod-like object receiving tray along the inner wall of the rotation several times and then placed bamboo level and above the turntable rotation can form a marshmallow. 6. Ceases production of cotton candy, must turn off the power switch. If you want to make more cotton candy, according to the above process is repeated operations.

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