Working principle of small hard candy making machine October 30, 2020 2:33 AM

By : yang

Easy operation small hard candy making machine is an advanced pouring lollipop production equipment. This machine integrates machine, electricity, gas, and control, with a reasonable and compact structure, and a high degree of automation; it has high production efficiency and can produce single-color, two-flavor two-color spray, two-flavor two-color double-layer, three-flavor three-color spray And crystal candies, filled candies, striped candies, xylitol sugar-free lollipops and thinking odd lollipops. Easy operation small hard candy making machine is equipped with a self-developed automatic plunger system, which can realize the full-automatic operation of the entire line. The accuracy of the automatic plunger system can reach more than 99%. After many improvements, the operation is simpler and more convenient. Working principle of small hard candy making machine Easy operation small hard candy making machine is the new generation of hard candy forming equipment which is developed based on foreign advanced technology and combined with the requirements of domestic candy production processing. The machine is suitable for making different shapes of sandwiching hard candies or hard candies. It is essential equipment for making die-formed hard candy. This machine features producing candies with consistent shapes and weight. This compact machine also makes fewer sprinkles and noises. Easy operation small hard candy making machine also has the same characteristics as the hard candy pouring production line; the lollipop pouring production line and the hard candy pouring production line can be interchanged with the replacement mold and part of the device. Various molds and technologies can produce soft candy, toffee, fruit hard candy, lollipop, etc. Easy operation small hard candy making machine consists of vacuum continual candy boiler, jam pump, insulation roller, candy strip pulling machine, forming machine, crumb absorber, cooling cabinet(can be equipped according to the consumers’ request), and it is the equipment for large, middle, small candy enterprises to produce spherical, watermelon and other shape candy.

Re: Working principle of small hard candy making machine November 18, 2020 2:25 AM

By : david

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