Function and structure characteristics of hot melt pillow packing machine November 09, 2020 1:17 AM

By : yang

Hot melt pillow packing machine have been used in several fields throughout the world, such as all kinds of food(moon cake,biscuit, bread, pancake, chocolate, egg pie, instant noodle, candy, candied date, popsicle and so on), vegetables, fruit, pharmaceuticals,cosmetics, medical supplies, industrial food, ect. Hot melt pillow packing machine is suitable for loose rounded granules in the food, chemical and other industrial. Such as: puffed granules, peanuts, popcorn,melon seeds, rice, pepper, sugar,salt, biscuits etc. According to customer needs,the bag types can be changed:back seal, three sides seal, four side seal. Application of hot melt pillow packing machine Hot melt pillow packing machine suitable for the solid object with regular form. Such as biscuit, bread, sweet, commodities and industrial parts and so on. The bulk cargos is put in a box and form a regular object, then to be packed. Function and structure characteristics of hot melt pillow packing machine 1. Servo control(optional double frequency motor),flexible bag length setting and cutting,saving time and film. 2. Human-machine interface,convenient and quick parameter settings . 3. Self diagnosis failure function ,failure displayed clearly. 4. Hot melt pillow packing machine high sensitive optional electric color mark tracking system and digital input cut position,which make the sealing and cutting more accurate. 5. Separated PID control system for temperature,suitable for various packing materials. 6. Stopping the machine in selected position,no sticking on the knife and no waste of the film. 7. Simple driving system,reliable working,convenient maintenance. 8. All controlled by program ,convenient for function adjusting and upgrading. 9. For certain needs,it can fullfill automactically product length check and packing film length change,no need to set any parameter. 10. Factory ex-factory price. Hot melt pillow packing machine the warranty period is 13 months, spare parts are replaced free of charge during the warranty period, and the spare parts of the packaging machine after the warranty period are delivered to the customer at the factory ex-factory price.

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