Component of flour transport tank truck trailer December 23, 2020 12:56 AM

By : yang

Flour transport tank truck trailer is used for bulk cement, grain, sodium bicarbonate, fly ash, lime powder and mineral powder, and any bulk powder materials the transportation of dry powder materials. There are 28ton – 125ton loading capacity, V type, W type, and tipping type for your choice. We also support Customized design, it helps to get the most suitable vehicles. As is known to all, the remainder and discharge speed are very important to the bulk cement tank container semi-trailer. Under the pressure of 0.2MPa, the average unloading rate of the cement tanker is not less than 1.2t/min of our bulker, and the Remainder rate less than 0.05 tons. Flour transport tank truck trailer no matter from material or some parts of cement tank trailer. like a diesel engine, air compressor, axle, suspension, Landing gear, we are all selected famous brands and ensure that you receive from the factory what you expect. Configuration of flour transport tank truck trailer 3 axles 40ton 50ton Flour transport tank truck trailer is for cement, dry powder’s transport and storage. Also, the transport silostrailer can carry different bulk items like cement, flour/ powder, soda, ash. Flour transport tank truck trailer is for large quantities of dust materials (bulk cement) transport of special vehicles. It is suitable for the transportation and air pressure unloading of fly ash, cement, limestone, ore powder, and other particles whose particle diameter is not more than 0.1mm. Component of flour transport tank truck trailer 1.Frame and traction pin: The frame is a space frame type low alloy steel welded structure. The frame is welded by two T-shaped longitudinal beams and beams to support the load. Below the front of the frame, there are traction pins and traction pin plates that are connected to the tractor. The specifications are 50 or 90. The towing pin is assembled and easy to replace. An air brake connector and a wire connector socket are mounted on the front beam of the frame. Lighting or signaling devices are installed on the front and rear sides of the frame. 2.Suspension system: The flour transport tank truck trailer the lower part of the stringer is welded with a suspension device support, and the front lower part has a support device support. The suspension system is a three-axis leaf spring suspension, which is used to support the load and absorb the vibration of the train. The leaf spring suspension system is fastened to the axle body by U-bolts. 3.Axles and wheels: Three axle assemblies of the same structure are mounted under the suspension system. The axle is a square tube axle, and the axle body is provided with a platform for mounting a leaf spring suspension and a bracket for mounting the brake air chamber. The shaft head is used to mount wheels, hubs, and brakes.

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