Accessories&characteristics of tunnel greenhouse January 06, 2021 10:45 PM

By : yang

Tunnel greenhouse span from 6m to 30m meters, length 20m to 100m meters, top height 3m to 7m, edge height 1.2m to 2.5m, around brick wall skirt height 0.3 meters. The arch rod adopts hot-dip galvanized elliptical tube, horizontal pull rod, vertical brace, shed head column, eight-character brace adopts 30*60*2.0 hot-dip galvanized circular tube, string tube is Φ25*2.0 round tube. A tunnel greenhouse is a type of greenhouse covered by a PC panel. With the PC panel as the cover material, not only the advantages of both glass greenhouse but also the advantages of its own lightweight, anti-ultraviolet and anti-dripping, bending and other properties, making PC panel greenhouse economical and practical, widely used in tourism, restaurants, agricultural marketing, efficient farming and other fields. Tunnel greenhouse is a simple and practical protection ground cultivation facility that is widely used in countries around the world due to its easy construction, convenient use, and low investment. The use of bamboo wood, steel, and other materials, and cover plastic film, arched shed, for cultivation of vegetables, can be early or delayed supply, increase production per unit area, is conducive to the prevention of natural disasters, especially in the northern region in early spring and late autumn off-season Supply fresh vegetables Description of tunnel greenhouse 1.The most economical and affordable greenhouse. 2.The prefabricated greenhouse-style uses the bolt and nut to connect, easy assembly without any welding point. 3.All main parts are hot galvanized. It guarantees the optimal performance of anti-corrosion, with more than 15years of service life. 4.Customized design and high quality material. 5. Greenhouse intensity and greenhouse system can be increased according to different climates. Accessories&characteristics of tunnel greenhouse 1. Simple structure, easy installation, and maintenance. 2. Inner large room, convenient operation, easy to construct, and accessible to remove. 3. Tunnel greenhouse accessories rust-resisting, strong ability to resist the snow and wind as the whole. 4. High transmission rate, great heat-retaining property, and hermetic ability. 5. Glass cover, good light transmission, nice, modern, and specialized agricultural production. Specifications of tunnel greenhouse Hot or Sendzimir Z 275 galvanized iron structure, highly resistant to corrosion Cross-tie and braces dimensioned according to the place of installation and the type of crop Arch spacing 2.00 – 2.50 m tunnel greenhouse the roof design varies from the traditional curved shape to a peaked version (recommended for snowy areas) Gutter connection of galvanized iron Single or double long-lasting/anti-drip film covering Films fixed by means of aluminum profiles (wide range) Manual or motorized sidewall opening Single or double motorized roof vents Possibility to include curved purlins and film or polycarbonate base frame Film or polycarbonate headends with aluminum sliding door The installation on the ground can be carried out by means of a base plate on slab or concrete footing, or, alternatively, with a concrete foundation.

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