Applications of CBN tool sharpening machine January 11, 2021 2:32 AM

By : yang

5-axis CBN tool grinding machine is suitable for all kinds of materials from metal industries, glass, ceramics, and plastics to semi-conductor industries. This series can be applied to nearly all materials with ever growth of machining technology. It fulfills customers' requirements in respect of surface quality, parallelism, flatness, and thickness variation. No matter fine grinding, grinding, or polishing, 5-axis CBN tool grinding can easily achieve it via different choices of grinding wheels. KSHS engineers can design it for you and KSHS factories will produce it out soon. Applications of CBN tool sharpening machine Tungsten Carbide, Sinter Metal, Hard Metal, Bronze, Aluminum, Quartz, Crystal, Sapphire, Optical Glass, MLCC, Ceramic Substrate, Zirconium, Engineering Plastics, Composite, NTC Substrate, PZT Substrate, Diamond dicing Blade, Ferrite, Silicon, Silicon Carbide, etc. Advantage of CBN tool sharpening machine 1.CBN tool sharpening machine one equipment three uses, not only can grind the bottom of the blade knife, but also can sharpen the keep-space, also can cut-off the Collapse blade. 2.Only one grinding wheel can sharpen the 3~13 flat end mill tools 3.Only one grinding wheel can sharpen the 2,3,4,6 blade of end milling tools. 4.The left side of the CBN tool grinding machine used for grinding the bottom of the knife, the right side of the machine used for cutting the invalid blade. 5.Grinding Agle is 0~5°, you can adjust the concave size by the size of your tool. 6.You can change the sharpening way, also solve the problem of processing. 7.You can cut the part of the Collapse end mill then sharpen the bottom, Operating Conveniently And Quickly, can save more sharpen time. Feature of CBN tool grinder 1.Grinding is accurate and rapid, easy operation with the skill to grind. 2.Economical price that greatly reduces the cost and improves the use effect. 3.The electrically controlled: stable frequency, strong horsepower, and long service life. 4.The CBN tool grinder is set up with the function of adjusting a point (central point) size, which can effectively coordinate with the material of drill hole and the rotation speed. It can control the quality precision and prolong the service life of the drill bit.

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