Mainly applicable to Spmt self-propelled modular transporter January 13, 2021 1:07 AM

By : yang

Spmt self-propelled modular transporter is used to transport heavy cargo, which in most cases is more than a hundred tons. The special vehicles are also widely used to carry over length goods that other heavy haulers cannot transport. In this guidebook, you will learn about the self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and we will learn what is a hydraulic modular trailer in the next guide. Spmt self-propelled modular transporter is known as self-propelled modular transporter. It is a kind of hydraulic platform trailer equipped with a powered diesel engine or an electric motor to drive itself to move, lift and steer, no need the help of a tractor or prime mover. Spmt self-propelled modular transporter is widely used as a perfect solution to transport modules such as oil platform rigs, factory modules, chemistry vessels, nuclear reaction tower, harbor crane in shipbuilding, high-speed railway bridge construction, windmill construction, offshore modules (load-in/out), harbor logistics, and other engineering logistic projects. Industries like construction, chemical engineering, refinery, metallurgy, ocean engineering, conventional energy (oil and gas), and eco-energy all have an increasing demand for SPMT. Spmt self-propelled modular transporter is a platform vehicle with a large array of wheels on the bottom, used for transporting massive objects such as bridges, oil refining equipment, huge motors, large bridge sections, and other objects that are too big or heavy for trucks but trucks can provide traction and braking for the SPMTs on inclines and descents. Spmt self-propelled modular transporter for concrete girder transporter has characteristic of carrying large capacity, self-propelled, transport without distance limitations, reliable performance, complete security facilities, reasonable structure, stable operation, comfortable operation, easy maintenance, anti-overturning stability, high production efficiency, etc. Simple operation, the driver just need simple training to do the job. Easy maintenance, spare parts belong to the national standard parts. Mainly applicable to Spmt self-propelled modular transporter Spmt self-propelled modular transporter mainly applicable to the condition that the precise beam field is far from the bridge construction site, and the occasion that is not suitable for laying rail or high cost laying rail. The brake system of the truck has greater adaptability for the Longitudinal.

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By : Judd

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