Working principle of Automatic screw cap bottle capper March 30, 2021 2:19 AM

By : yang

Automatic screw cap bottle capper is suitable for all kinds of lock cap machinery such as nozzle, pump head, round bottle cap, Duck mouth cover in the daily chemical industry, medicine industry, and chemical industry. It adopts electric and pneumatic control movement and has high stability, bottle caps of different shapes and specifications can be locked, the locking force can be adjusted, and the tightness can be adjusted according to different bottle caps. This machine is easy to operate and easy to use. It is a good machine to replace manual capping. An Automatic screw cap bottle capper is an automatic capping machine to press and screw lids on bottles. It’s special designed for automatic packing lines. Different from the traditional intermittent type capping machines, this machine is a continuous capping type. Compared to intermittent capping, this machine is more efficient, pressing more tightly, and does less harm to the lids. Now it’s widely applied in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries. Working principle of Automatic screw cap bottle capper The bottle caps neatened by the cap neatening device, the bottle caps with mouth up are carried to the caps collecting guideway, the bottles come from other equipment of the assembly line enter the caps collecting area. The bottles move ahead with clamping of the two sides clamping device then the caps match the bottles automatically. The cap pressing device press the caps to the pre-tight situation before rotating the caps. Under the function of three pairs of high-speed rotating wearable rubber wheels, the caps match with the bottles tightly. Main Features of Automatic screw cap bottle capper 1.With features like ease of operation, highly productive and competitive price, etc. 2. Automatic screw cap bottle capper can be operated alone or coupled with a filling machine, make the formation of a filling line possible. Feel free to contact us if any questions regarding our products you would like to know. You can also visit our homepage, we have other kinds of packing machines, like filling machines, labeling machines, shrink package machines, etc. Application of Automatic screw cap bottle capper Automatic screw cap bottle capper is mainly appropriate to seal plastic bottles and glass bottles with advanced product design, reasonable structure, and easy and simple operation. It is necessary and ideal packaging equipment for food and other industries. The product conforms to regulations of national standards, departmental standards, and enterprise standards and can be allowed to leave the factory after qualification of strict inspection and test.

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